Acts of Kindness: "She sort of radiates positivity."

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EUGENE, Ore. - Despite her busy schedule, one local woman finds time every week to volunteer at the Eugene Mission.

She normally works in senior care, but manages to carve out three hours per week to help women in need.

On Fridays, you can find Nola Briles near the front desk of the Women's Center at the Eugene Mission.

She's a familiar face, and though she has been there for a little less than a year now, many say she always brings an authoritative and positive voice to the center.

"I look forward to Friday, just as much as I do to anything that's wonderful that I have to do," said Briles. "Because I love, I look forward to coming."

Nola's volunteer shift at the women's center begins at 6 a.m., right as visitors to the center are waking up. She goes straight to the baggage room, a locked closet where visitors can store their belongings.

After that, she "wo-mans" the desk, where she coordinates shower times for the women.

"And then as they come back and bring their bags back in, they look all clean and so nice," said Briles. "And they're so wonderful, and they're happy to see me so that's nice."

However, Nola says it's not all fun and games.

Sometimes, a strict schedule and a tight ship has to be enforced.

When things don't go according to schedule, those who work with Nola say she helps keep things running smoothly. She also keeps the staff and visitors smiling.

"It's always good to get in a laugh," said Deb Wheeler, a supervisor at the Women's Center. "It's a hard place to work sometimes, and she can crack me up quite frankly."

Deb says she thinks Nola's work with seniors has helped her understand how to make people feel comfortable in situations that could easily be the opposite.

"I love the Mission," said Nola. "I have a child who has been at the Mission, and they loved him and he loved working here."

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