Acts of Kindness: Junction City High students give back to community

Junction City High School students finished classes serve in their community, April 25, 2018. (NBC 16 image)

JUNCTION CITY, Ore. -- Junction City High School students finished classes early Wednesday to serve in their community.

It's all part of a JCHS Gives Back project.

Students got involved within the community in a variety of ways.

Some worked on campus beautification, landscaping and washing windows at the local Moose Lodge, while others helped the elderly.

Although it was a hot day, students sweeping near the Scandinavian Festival grounds said the heat was worth it.

"It's really a spot where our community comes together and our community spends time together and bonds,” said JCHS student Jillian Jiebersbach. “We think it needs it and it will just help brighten up the place a little bit."

The students didn't miss an opportunity to have fun, turning hard work into a bonding experience.

They say it's nice to give back to a community that supports them and a way to show their thanks.

"We want to represent our school, our age group,” Jiebersbach said, “because I know that sometimes we get put in a box of who we are, what we do, how we act; so, this is kind of to just show that maybe we're not what you expect."

Students are required to complete volunteer service hours each year to graduate.

There are many projects students participate in, such as Wednesday's event.

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