Acts of Kindness: A thank you for lending a helping hand

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - A few weeks ago, we told you the story about Debra Yucka, whose car was taken from her and totaled.

Springfield Police say that 50-year-old Kevin Hendrickson had Yucka's car, including other stolen property when he lead police on a pursuit that ended near the Hayden Bridge boat ramp near Marcola.

Police say Hendrickson then got out of the car and jumped into the McKenzie River. He has not been found since.

Yucka, however, got a new used car out of the situation thanks to Richmond Towing.

Since that day, Yucka has visited Richmond Towing at least two more times. The first, to fix a little water leak in her car, which was fixed for free.

The second visit wasn't for her car. Instead, she brought donuts to the employees at Richmond, just a little thank you to the people that helped her through a tough time.

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