The Trojan Women

For Immediate Release:

Springfield Acting Ensemble presents Euripedes' The Trojan Women in the SHS Auditorium. This classic Greek play addresses the Trojan War from a unique perspective--from the women of the losing side. After the 10 years of war, Hecuba, former Queen of Troy, widowed and soon to be childless is sold into slavery and must lead the women of her beloved city to a place of hope and future. With universal issues of the validity of war, its ramifications and ultimate tragedy, Euripedes's play is one of the most widely produced of the ancient Greek cannon. Enhancing this year's perfomance, The Trojan Women will feature the SHS Band 1 class, conducted by Christopher Holt, as they perform their rendition of Robert W. Smith's The Illiad, during which, actors from across the three levels of SHS Theatre will recreate the Battle of Troy with fight choreography by alumnus Cristian Rosales and community member Josh Rodgers. Truly an epic from beginning to end, The Trojan Women is the culminating production for this year's Acting Ensemble. Show will feature Ashlea Haney as Hecuba, Daysha Ryan as Andromache, Kayla Miller as Cassandra, Felicia Stafford as Helen, Karen Dunn as the Chorus Leader, Zebulin Snow as Menelaus, and Evan Butler as Talthybius. Guadalupe Oropeza stage manages.
Light design by Amanda Grimes and Devyn Sanchez.
Set Design by Jonathan Siegle. Jill Plumb directs.
Show runs April 24, 25, 26 at 7:30pm. General admission tickets are $5.
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