Women leaving casino swerve into ditch, escape wreckage next day

KOMO photo.

GRAHAM, Wash. - A woman was arrested for driving impaired Saturday night while leaving the Red Wind Casino, Washington State Patrol says.

The driver, 41, told WSP that she had swerved and crashed to avoid an oncoming car.

After crashing, the driver said she lost consciousness. She called 911 a bit before 7 a.m. Sunday from a phone that could only make outgoing calls, Trooper Brooke Bova says.

Law enforcement pinged the phone and traced it to the 3100 block of Meridian, but couldn't find the crash.

A passerby called 911 after spotting the car in a ditch near 288th Street and Mountain Highway in Graham.

Both the driver and the passenger were taken to Tacoma General Hospital. The passenger was unrestrained and has two broken legs and a broken pelvis, Bova says.

The driver is in custody for investigation of DUI and vehicular assault. The extent of her injuries are unclear.