Woman nearly hit in the face by gunshot on Highway 30, bullet stopped by windshield


Mindy Griffith was driving to work Thursday afternoon with her husband in the passenger seat when someone fired a gun at the windshield of her truck.

She was traveling eastbound on Highway 30 toward Scappoose around 3:30 p.m. last Thursday, when she says a man traveling in the opposite direction leaned out of his window, holding a gun.

“I glanced over into oncoming traffic and I had seen this person, I got the words, ‘Oh my God’ out of my mouth, and boom,” Griffith said. “My husband is freaking out, thinking that I was hit, I was thinking I was hit... but I managed to pull over without any incidents, no wrecks, nothing. It was just surreal ... They said if it would have went ahead and penetrated it would have hit me right in the face,” said Griffith.

Oregon State Police are asking for the public’s help in finding the suspect. They describe the vehicle he was driving as a maroon, single-cab, full-size pickup truck but do not know the make, model, or license plate.

While no one was hit, the impact sent windshield shot glass dust into Griffith’s eyes. She says they were burning and her vision was blurry when her husband took her to the hospital.

“They numbed my eyes, rinsed them, made sure there was no retina damage, stuff like that. They discovered I also have a concussion from it. The light still bothers my eyes a little bit,” said Griffith.

She is still sensitive to bright light, but expects to be OK.

Now, what looks like a crater remains in the driver’s side of Griffith's windshield, which will cost about $350 to replace.

Griffith, a mother and soon-to-be grandmother, is now terrified to drive, but she is thankful the bullet didn't make it through her windshield.

“If I would have been hit, there was a lot of oncoming traffic, I don't know where the truck would have went, I don't know what would have happened to my husband, or anybody else on the road,” said Griffith.

She also wonders why someone would do this.

“There is no rhyme, nor reason. Why? What goes through somebody's head to say ‘Hey, let's play Russian roulette with somebody going down the road?’" said Griffith.

The Oregon State Police is requesting the public's assistance in identifying this maroon, single cab full size pickup and the driver. Anyone with information is asked to contact Sergeant Luke Schwartz by calling OSP at (800) 452-7888