'I certainly don't think it's a good idea to play Clash of Clans while you're driving'

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Are we a nation of irresponsible motorists?

That's the upshot of a new report by AAA - and the millennial generation is leading the way.

Nine out of 10 young drivers admit to texting while driving, speeding or running a red light within the past month, according to AAA.

That doesn't come as a shock to Officer Tom Speldrich with the Springfield Police.

"That sounds directly on par with the trends that we're seeing," he said.

For Speldrich, it's a never-ending public education campaign explaining that texting and driving are a highly dangerous combination for drivers of all ages.

And when education fails, the ticket book sends the message.

Speldrich said the worst offenders do more than texting.

"Playing online gaming. I've seen that," he said. "I certainly don't think that it's a good idea to play Clash of Clans while you're driving down the road."

And it's not just millennial drivers.

Motorists ages 40 to 59 scored well above 60 percent for the same distracted driving behaviors.

Speldrich said the tough barrier for most folks is that the cell phone has become an extension of themselves.

"And now that they are driving a car, to get them- I guess - to form the habit of putting it somewhere and not answering it, can really be a challenge for a lot of people," Speldrich said.