What is inattentive driving to police officers? Well, it depends


When everyone behaves, driving is like a well choreographed dance routine, but if one driver in the mix is distracted, it can be deadly.

“Too many people use their cars as an extension of their living room or their dining room or their home office," said Officer Will Stoy of the Meridian Police Department.

Officer Stoy is on patrol in Meridian. He says he’s seen it all when it comes to distracted driving.

"I had a guy holding a plate eating waffles in the morning," Stoy said. "I've seen that. I've seen make up; women curling their hair. I've seen men driving to work shaving with the electric razor looking in the mirror. I caught a driver reading a book."

What constitutes inattentive driving depends on a number of factors.

If you take a swig out of your water bottle and get both hands back on the wheel quickly you’re probably OK. If you drop the water bottle and you’re hunched over trying to fish it off the floor you’re driving distracted.

If you’re eating a hamburger with one hand while being careful and mindful of the road, you likely would not get pulled over. If you’re eating a hamburger, steering with your knee while trying to dig the french fries out of the bottom of the bag… that’s inattentive driving.

The bottom line, police say to pay attention to the road.

"We see so many distractions inside the car, people just need to realize that when they get in the car their job is to drive and safely get to the destination they're going to," Officer Stoy said.