High winds shake region, cause widespread damage | VIDEOS

This driver had to go around downed trees. Other drivers found their cars crushed beneath trees Friday morning. (SBG)


Tree down at 10th & Lincoln (via City of Eugene Public Works)
Wind shakes trees, street signs
Trees down near Leo Harris Parkway in Eugene
Storm Damage in Downtown Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. - High winds toppled trees across Western Oregon on Friday, damaging property and knocking out power to thousands.

Some unfortunate motorists found their cars crushed beneath trees Friday morning.

Here's a look at some of the damage around the metro area.

This video gives you a taste of the wind's power to shake trees and even street signs.

City crews got to work clearing roads, like Leo Harris Parkway and vicinity in Eugene.

A massive tree came down at 10th and Lincoln in downtown Eugene, one of several trees to fall downtown.