Video: Surveillance video shows attack inside Florence Municipal Jail

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FLORENCE, Ore. – The two Florence police officers who were assaulted while releasing an inmate from the Florence Municipal Jail did not use deadly force on the man who attacked them and later died, the Lane County District Attorney said Tuesday.

However, given what happened, the district attorney said deadly force would have been justified.

The autopsy indicates the inmate involved, David Keith Brickey, 40, may have died from a heart attack, according to an autopsy.

Plus, the district attorney said surveillance video and testimony from officers and other inmates paints a clear picture of what happened.

Officers were attempting to release Brickey from the Florence Municipal Jail on May 8 when things took a turn for the worse.

“Officer Larson was attacked. He was rendered unconscious by Mr. Brickey,” said Lane County District Attorney Patty Perlow.

Officer Stephanie Sansom stepped in to help and was also attacked.

“She's been badly beaten. Her head to the concrete; her face stomped,” Perlow said.

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In more than 20 years, the jail’s never seen anything like this.

Florence Police Chief Tom Turner said the officers did what they needed to do.

“In the severity of the situation it's whatever you can think of at the time and so she went for the call button,” Turner said.

Inmates used their emergency call buttons too.

“Inmates in the jail were calling for help for the officers and for an ambulance to be called because they believed that those two officers were going to be killed,” Perlow said.

Other officers helped restrain Brickey who stopped breathing and ultimately couldn’t be resuscitated.

The autopsy shows he wasn’t injured, but he had an enlarged heart and a blocked artery.

“My assumption is he suffered a coronary episode as a result of exerting tremendous energy on his part in assaulting the officers and running through the jail,” Perlow said.

Brickey’s final cause of death has not yet been determined.

As for the officers, Turner said he’s “very thankful that they're both alive and survived this event.”

They were released from the hospital and are on leave while they recover.

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