Corbett School District students go back to class in midst of evacuations

More than 900 firefighters are working to contain the Eagle Creek Fire in the Columbia River Gorge. Other local officials are working to keep pets safe and inform the public. Photo courtesy Multnomah County Communications

CORBETT, Ore. – Students in the Corbett School District went back to class, Monday, for the first time since before the Labor Day weekend.

School has been canceled in the district since the Eagle Creek Fire started in the Columbia River Gorge more than a week ago.

A they dropped their kids off for class Monday, parents said they weren’t too worried about the fire, or the Level 2 evacuation notice in the area.

Level 2 and 3 evacuation orders are still in effect throughout Corbett, and Highway 30 remains closed heading east.

Samantha Munoz said she won’t change her routine.

“Just kind of be on standby like we have the last week. If they call Level 3, which we all hope they don’t, we’ll just grab our things and go,” she said.

She lives nearby and can easily run over and get her daughter from school.

Steve Smith said the school has made sure parents know there’s a contingency plan if the fire becomes active and starts to move again during the school day.

“They have the bus drivers on call,” he said. “All the parents understand the reality of it.”

A message from the superintendent on the district’s website states they’ll be in contact with fire officials and the Sheriff’s Office for the latest information throughout the day.

The lost days will likely be made up like snow days.

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