Video: Home Depot shoplifter drives off with worker on his car

Surveillance video shows employee trying to stop shoplifter (EPD)

CRESCENT SPRINGS, Ky. (WKRC) - Police are looking for help identifying a shoplifter who drove off from the Crescent Springs Home Depot store with a store worker on his car trying to stop him.

Surveillance video shows the guy picking up a $280 power tool kit in an aisle where a store worker is already keeping an eye on him.

He takes the tool to the front of the store, gets a cup of complimentary coffee and then bolts out the door with the tools. The worker is right on his heels. Cameras don't show the entire encounter outside but he can be seen driving off with the worker on the hood of his car. He slams on the breaks, throws her off and then drives away.

"Some of the witnesses there tried to get the license plate," said Sgt. Jon Sterling with Erlanger Police. "From my understanding he either took the plate off or covered it in some way. You can see when she falls off the car there are people there instantly to help her."

Sergeant Sterling says the woman bumped her head pretty hard but had no life-threatening injuries.

Police say the man was driving a late model, silver Hyundai Accent. They described him as a tall white man with dark hair.

If you know anything you are asked to call Erlanger Police or Crime Stoppers at 513-352-3040.

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