Video: 'Human error' considered in train collision with FedEx semi

(KUTV) Utah Transit Authority has released new information regarding an incident when a FrontRunner hit a FedEx truck. According to a release from Utah Transit Authority, the crossing gates were up at the time of the incident, rather than down to prevent vehicles from driving across the track.

The incident happened in North Salt Lake at 1100 N. 50 W.

Officials reported two minor injuries among the 82 people on board, but the crash caused FrontRunner delays forcing UTA to provide alternate bus transportation.

Upon watching police video of the crash UTA determined the crossing bars were up and flashing lights and bells were not activated.

UTA authorities say a failsafe dispatched the gates and lights according to standard operating procedure and were activated for 18 minutes. The gates and lights were deactivated sometime after a UTA crew arrived.

“We have discovered no problems with the signal system nor the mechanics at the crossing at this time,” said Dave Goeres, UTA’s chief safety and security officer. “What made it unsafe was that the gate arms went up. And that’s why we’re trying to understand why the gate arms went up.”

According to officials the gates are programmed to default into the down and active position if power is lost.

On the day of the incident the gates were affected by weather conditions and were down and active, as programmed. The release states an employee responded to the crossing where gates were down and the gates moved into an up position.

UTA says they will conduct a "thorough investigation" of the incident.

The investigation will include employee interviews to determine if human error was a factor, according to the release.

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