Caught on cam: Thieves ram truck through Florida gun shop

Surveillance video shows a truck that rammed a Florida gun shop. (Photo via Zephyrhills, Florida Police)

ZEPHYRHILLS, Fla. - Police here are searching for brazen thieves who drove a pickup truck into a gun shop, then made off with several firearms.

Police raced to the Sunshine State Armory in Zephyrhills, Florida just after 2 a.m. Sunday after getting an alarm call. Officers arrived to find a gaping hole in the front of the store.

Surveillance video told the story, showing a thief had rammed a pickup truck through the front of the store as three others then raced in behind, smashing cases and making off with a number of guns and ammunition.

Police say they were in and out in 31 seconds and the four thieves remain on the loose.

"You can tighten security on anything, but somebody wants to get in, they'll get in," Ed Hinchey, who works next door to the gun shop, told WFTS-TV. "There are more guns on the street then you can count now, they don't need anymore."

Police determined the truck had been stolen, and after the heist the truck was found about a mile away, set ablaze along railroad tracks in a wooded area.

"The flames were going just as high as these trees," a witness said.

Ammunition left inside was still exploding, so the fire department had to let it burn out.

Police say it's the latest in a number of gun store burglaries in the Tampa Bay area, including a similar heist at a Tampa shop in November.

Police are offering a $2,500 reward to anyone who helps lead to the thieves' arrest.

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