Ladder falls off pickup, smashes into police truck; pickup driver suspected of DUI

Photo: Pierce County Sheriff's Department

PUYALLUP, Wash. -- Two Pierce County deputies were not hurt when a ladder fell off a truck and smashed into their windshield Wednesday. And the driver of the truck was then arrested for suspicion of DUI.

The two deputies were parked in traffic on 160th St. E. inside the department's Dive Team truck when a pickup truck going the other way lost its ladder. The ladder flew across the road and smashed into the windshield of the Dive Team truck, deputies said.

The driver and the passenger in the pickup truck stopped at the scene, but when deputies went to talk to the driver, they smelled marijuana and noticed the driver had a green-colored tongue, investigators said. The 26-year-old driver admitted to having marijuana, but denied using it recently.

Nonetheless, the driver was arrested for investigation of driving under the influence of marijuana.

"If you have a ladder in your truck, secure your load!" The Pierce County Sheriff's Department wrote in a Facebook post. "If you smoke marijuana - stay off the road!"

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