'It was kind of like little fireworks': Woman recounts saving elderly man from burning car

Two Good Samaritans saved a man from a fiery crash after he hit a tree. (MCSO)

Tuesday, the woman who helped save an elderly man from a burning car relived the chaotic scene.

Nicole Lawson said she was driving on Cove Road Sunday afternoon when a man driving a red truck lost control in front of her.

“The red truck was in front of us, not speeding or anything,” Lawson said. “It was raining, and all of a sudden, I saw that he either hydroplanes or kind of fish tailed so I started to slow down because he was kind of losing control of his car and then all of a sudden out of nowhere his car started spinning out of control.”

At first, she said she thought the driver just pulled over to take a breather, since hydroplaning can be scary. Then she noticed his hood was smoking, and he hit the tree.

“So I pulled over, I got out of my car, and I ran to him. He was kind of in shock, he wasn’t fully understanding what I was saying,” Lawson said. "He was a little out of it because I think it was all just a big shock. He was just sitting in there like not even moving in his car.”

That’s when the smoke turned to fire.

“When cars start to get on fire, you start to hear all those weird sounds. The crackling and the boom and the pop, so it was kind of like little fireworks,” Lawson said.

Lawson said while she was calling 911, she heard a loud boom noise.

"His hood of his car actually flew off, and I kind of screamed,” she said.

That’s when two men pulled over to help.

“I'm like we need to get him out now because by this time his whole entire where he was sitting was all on fire. We had to go in through the passenger side. They kind of pulled him, and I grabbed his legs,” Lawson said.

She said they also grabbed his golf clubs because the driver was concerned about them. They were able to help him just in time.

“Literally not even five seconds later the whole thing just starts going up,” she said.

CBS12 wasn’t able to talk with the elderly man. However, deputies said because of the quick action from Lawson and the other two men that man only suffered minor injuries.

Lawson said she didn’t know who those other two men were because everything happened so quickly, but she was grateful they stopped and helped.

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