University of Oregon students attempt to set record calling legislators about funding

FILE - University of Oregon (SBG)

EUGENE, Ore. – After the state rejected a request from the University of Oregon to raise tuition on May 11, university President Michael Schill said the university could be faced with major cuts to programs, jobs and services.

Now, students are turning to their state legislators for help.

The Associated Students of the University of Oregon are trying to set the world record for most state legislators called in one day.

They were joined by students from Lane Community College, Oregon State, and Western Oregon University.

The goal was simple: call their legislators and ask them to vote yes on legislation that would give more funding to public schools in Oregon.

“I actually got news that one of my favorite professors is not returning as a result of these cuts next year. So it's definitely very real and its definitely happening,” said Quinn Haaga, ASUO president.

The students made more than 150 calls.

They are still tallying the phone calls from the other campuses.

So far, as a result of budget cuts, the University of Oregon cut the Substance Abuse and Prevention Program on campus.

The university has not yet announced what other programs could be on the chopping block.

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