Springfield honors Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy

MLK Day march in Springfield 3.jpg

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Dozens of people gathered for Springfield's 18th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day March and Celebration on Monday.

Marchers met at the Springfield Justice Center. They were equipped with handmade signs honoring MLK's legacy. Springfield Mayor Christine Lundberg kicked off the event with a speech, highlighting the importance of an event like the march.

"Marches do symbolize in so many ways the work that goes on and a statement about what we want to see for our world and our community," Lundberg said.

Marchers took to the sidewalks, singing songs and marching hand in hand towards Springfield High School. The high school featured a follow-up event with student speeches and artwork. One of the student speakers was Sydney Guthrie-Baker, a senior at Springfield High School and MC of the event.

"I felt writing this speech was my way of communicating how I felt how much I felt for Dr. King and what he's done," Guthrie-Baker said.

She said she's been involved in public speaking since 8th grade and this was her way of honoring MLK's legacy.

"To me, Dr. King meant freedom. Not only physical freedom as just basic rights for a human, but freedom emotionally," Guthrie-Baker said.

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