Solar Eclipse causing gas shortages throughout Oregon

Vehicles line up hoping to keep their tanks full through the weekend.

PORTLAND, Ore. - The reported increase in traffic throughout the state of Oregon is causing a few gas stations to run out of gas, while several others are getting close.

The Department of Energy assures everyone that there's enough to go around, however.

They say that if a station runs out of gas, it is only temporary, and that there is more on the way.

More fuel has been transported to the state for the eclipse, and an increase in deliveries has been scheduled. That includes overnight shipments so delivery trucks don't get stuck in traffic.

Even so, drivers are fueling up ahead of time just in case.

"People come here - it's weird, for like three dollars worth of gas, just to fill up because they're afraid they're going to run out," said Joey Petersen, a fuel attendant.

Teresa Estrada, who is driving to Astoria, says she isn't taking any chances.

"I've been filling up on the way because I've been hearing stories of some gas stations running out of gas and stuff, so I don't know."

The Oregon Department of Transportation expects the increased traffic to last through Wednesday, and they say that while you may be tempted to beat the congestion by taking back-roads, the interstate is still the safest and fastest option.

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