Signs of spring - Junction City Daffodil Festival celebrates 45th year

The 45th annual Daffodil Festival drew crowds to Junction City this weekend. Those in attendance said they don't just come for the daffodils; the cinnamon rolls are a hit too. (SBG photo)

JUNCTION CITY, Ore. – The state’s largest daffodil festival took place this weekend in Junction City. It’s a sure sign spring is on the way.

This is the Junction City Daffodil Festival’s 45th year. The celebration dates back to a tradition started in the 1930s.

“It started with the ladies of the Long Tom Grange having extra daffodils in their gardens,” said Danuta Pfeiffer, Daffodil Festival co-organizer.

People from all over would go to Ferguson Road to see the wild-growing daffodils. The grange eventually turned the site into a two-day festival.

Beautiful, colorful daffodils are a staple at the festival, but also people come for another attraction – the cinnamon rolls.

“One year we ran short of cinnamon rolls and we nearly had a riot,” Pfeiffer said.

“Sometimes the frosting on top will melt in, and the cinnamon roll just becomes this giant blob of frosting and sugary goodness,” said Josselyn St. Clair, a festival visitor.

The cinnamon rolls are provided by New Day Bakery. They’re an original tradition on Ferguson Road.

Sunday, the festival included animals, live music, and 300 local vendors.

The funds from this weekend will be donated to support schools and non-profits.

“The sweet country life is still alive and this is a little piece of rural Americana,” Pfeiffer said.

Soon, the festival committee will start planning next year’s event. This summer, they will hold their first pre-festival meeting.

If you would like to help volunteer for next year’s event, contact the Long Tom Grange.

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