Safety Town: 5-year-olds learn personal safety from law enforcement

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EUGENE, Ore. -- Parents are getting some help teaching their kindergarteners about personal safety from local law enforcement through Eugene Police Department’s Safety Town event.

130 soon-to-be kindergarteners are visiting Safety Town, which teaches five-year-olds things like the rules of the road, including stopping at stop signs, looking both ways, crosswalk safety and hand signals --- lessons they can use down the road.

"We teach them life lessons that they can use forever," says EPD Safety Officer Debbie Janecek.

The two-week program covers 30 safety topics, like school bus safety, gun safety and staying safe around strangers.

The lessons are perfect for five-year-olds about to leave mom and dad to start kindergarten in the fall.

"It's a really good age, developmentally,” says Janecek. “They really want to know the rules so they just soak up the information."

It's also an opportunity for them to interact with law enforcement and put parents at ease.

"We want our kids to know that police are good and you can trust them," said parent Shannon Lloyd.

Safety Town wraps up next Friday, complete with a graduation ceremony and certificate signed by the Eugene police chief.

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