Rugby gaining popularity in United States, Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. -- Rugby was brought back to the Olympics last year, and it is now one of the fastest growing sports among the nation’s youth.

The sport is gaining traction in Eugene as well.

The Arts and Technology Middle School hosted a Rugby Fun Day in the pouring rain Saturday.

The event introduced the sport to kids from kindergarten to high school seniors.

Organizers say they hope every school in Oregon eventually has a rugby team.

"The kids who play it really love it because, here’s what it does, “explained School of Sevens Rugby advocate Doc Venter, “everybody can score; there are no special scorers on the rugby team and the kids really love that idea."

Venter says unlike other sports on the grass, anyone can score in rugby because there are no offensive or defensive players.

For more information on upcoming rugby events, visit the School of Sevens Rugby Camps Facebook page.

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