Portland store says it pulled Confederate flag merchandise, protesters rally

Photo of the rug courtesy Heather Franklin.jpg

A couple dozen protesters gathered outside a Portland store Thursday afternoon to rally against racism, and the store's president says they've pulled all Confederate flag merchandise.

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Heather Franklin posted a video of her experience at Everyday Deals Extreme Liquidators Wednesday morning. It shows Franklin asking an employee why they were selling a Confederate flag rug.

“So you don’t care about having hate flags on your wall?” she asks a store employee.

He responds by saying, “How is that a hate flag?”

In the video, Franklin was cursed at, and a different man is seen flipping off the camera.

The video prompted the protest.

"It is an offensive symbol that is something that should not be hanging up in an establishment like this," said Jacob Bureros, with Direct Action Alliance. "And we understand that the owner of the store has since taken them down, and we appreciate that. But, yeah, that's definitely not something that should be up in a neighborhood like this, especially in a public establishment."

In the meantime, the president of Everyday Deals Extreme Liquidators, Andrew Toolson, says one employee from the video was suspended. He says all of their Confederate flag gear has been removed, and they've told their supplier to not send it again.

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