Police: Man jailed after incidents at school, church

EUGENE, Ore. - A man who made threatening remarks at a back-to-school event before causing damage in an office at a nearby church remains behind bars a week after the incidents, according to police and jail records.

Police jailed Aeson Noble Dickinson, 37, on September 8 on a felony charge of second degree burglary and misdemeanor charges including harassment, trespassing, disorderly conduct and interfering with police.

The charges stem from incidents that afternoon at Charlemagne French Immersion Elementary School on Kincaid Strett and Crossfire Family Worship center a few blocks away on West Amazon Drive.

Parents and staff at Charlemagne reported that Dickinson made inappropriate comments and struck an employee when told to leave, police said. Dickinson made threats to harm people and argued with school staff before leaving the area, police said. Investigators said Dickinson threatened to shoot and rape the children. | Letter from school principal to parents

In a video of the incident, Dickinson can be heard saying "I'll blow your (expletive) head off" and seen flipping his middle finger to the camera. When repatedly asked to leave the property, he repeatedly responds: "Off Earth?"

The video shows Dickinson start to walk into a group of parents and children, someone directs him to walk off the school property to the adjacent park instead.

"Who the (expletive) are you?" Dickinson says as parents and children stand in the background. "You got a (expletive) attitude problem and a gold watch?"

Then raising his fist, he adds "I'll knock your (expletive) (expletive) out right now."

"At some point they were trying to keep him detained until police arrived, but was able to get away as police were arriving," said Sgt. Carl Stubbs from EPD.

Police said Dickinson struck the principal in the face before leaving the school, but no one was seriously injured.

Investigators determined that Dickinson later entered the Crossfire church and sat down in an office. He talked to someone at the church before becoming aggressive and being asked to leave, police said. Police said Dickinson damaged a phone and knocked over a computer when someone at the church attempted to call police.

"It is my understanding that he trespassed onto the church property on West Amazon with the intent to commit a crime and that's burglary and burglary is a felony," said Erik Hasselman, chief deputy district attorney.

Police caught up with Dickinson and took him into custoy at a house on E. 41st Street after spotting his bicycle parked out front.

Hasselman said Dickinson is also being charged with multiple misdemeanors including harassment and disorderly conduct.

He said they intend to prosecute Dickinson for the two incidents together. He believes this arrest happened while Dickinson was on post-prison supervision.

According to jail records, Dickinson was charged with criminal trespass in August.

Letter from Principal Eric Anderson to Charlemagne parents

Dear parents,

We have had an outstanding first week of school and are settling into our wonderful new building. Students are relearning their classroom routines, homework is beginning to go home, and the sounds of students speaking French are once again rolling through the school. You have amazing childrenthank you for sharing them with us.

The one event of the past week that was not smooth and positive, of course, was the incident at the back-to-school gathering for parents and students last Tuesday. The celebration itself was terrific, but as I mentioned in my email to you that evening, it was marred by an unfortunate disturbing encounter with a loud, offensive, disorderly subject who was a stranger to our school.

Since then I have had a number of one-on-one conversations with parents and reviewed the incident with the sergeant of the Eugene Police school resource team and 4J's risk manager, who oversees school safety and security. I have talked with many parents who are interested to learn more about the incident and about school safety and security procedures. I want to make sure all families have this information. I will also talk about school safety and security at the first Charlemagne PTO meeting of the year next Tuesday, September 22nd at 6:30 p.m. in the cafeteria.

The 4J district and schools take safety and security very seriously and always make our best efforts to keep students safe at school. Incidents like this are quite rare at any given location but can and do occur at any school, business, or residence. Schools have emergency procedures and routinely practice how to respond to an emergency situation, including regular lockdown and evacuation drills. Charlemagne students are always within the school building or a fenced area when moving from place to place within the school building including the bathrooms. Students are always supervised during recess and school start and release times, both on the playground and going to and from the school building.

During normal school hours there are procedures in place that engage multiple employees in directing a crisis situation whether it be on the playground, lunchroom or in the building. More rarely, like last Tuesday, we may hold events where there are not multiple employees on site in the moment. We do our best to adapt to the situation and respond appropriately for everyone's safety.

The appropriate protocols were followed in this incident. I initiated contact, attempted to remove the subject, called 911, and got families away from the threat, with the help of some parents in attendance. The man left and police located and arrested him at a different location a little while later. The man was verbally offensive and aggressive, and made disturbing comments, but he was not armed and did not hurt anyone. (He did strike me when I first contacted him, but didn't injure me. I appreciate the caring and concern of everyone who has asked about my well-being.)

I would like to thank the parents who followed my request to move our families into the gym and the parents who helped keep the man from approaching our students. There was a lot going on at once but thanks in part to parents' calm, helpful response, we were able to remove the threatening subject with no one getting hurt.

The timing was very unfortunate as many families were just getting to know our new school site. I am sorry that this unusual encounter with a disruptive, disorderly subject may have marred your introduction to our new home. I am very pleased with our new location at the Parker building, including the safety and security aspects of this site. We will continue to review and improve school safety, including adding no-trespass signs and potentially extending the fencing that separates the playground from the street to fully enclose the playground.

While we all have safety at the forefront of our minds, this is also a good time to review some other safety reminders:

Check in at the office: Please always enter and exit the school building by the main office. You must always check in at the office and get a visitor's badge when you are on school grounds.

Keep an eye out: Tell school staff right away if you see anyone on school grounds who you don't know and does not have a visitor's badge, or anyone behaving suspiciously near the school.

No parents on the playground: Unless you are a pre-approved recess volunteer supervisor on duty, please stay off the playground during school hours. This is important for the safety of our students so our recess supervisors can detect a trespassing adult. This is especially important on Friday, when recess is at the end of the school day.

Traffic safety: Please watch out for children near the school and in the parking lot. If you pick up two children, please wait at the younger child's pick up spot for your older child to make it over. Also, do not get out of your car at carpoolthis creates a major issue with the flow of traffic. If you need to get out of the car, please park in a designated spot. Half of the parking lot restriping was done last weekend and we expect the restriping will be finished this week.

Walk with a buddy: It is safest for students to walk to or from school with a friend, not by themselves. Talk with your children about the route they should take home and who they should walk with to and from school. Point2Point Solutions ( is a great resource for finding walk/bike buddies. Make sure your child arrives at school on time and waits in the designated places.

Make a safety plan: While assaults by strangers are extremely rare, it's important to talk with students about personal safety. Plan with your child what he or she should do in a dangerous situation.

Know who to call: If an incident of concern happens to any child on the way to or from school, call the police right away! Notify the school next.

We all work together to help keep our children safe. Thanks for your support and your attention to safety. Together we are going to have a terrific year!

Eric Anderson
Charlemagne French Immersion Elementary School