Motorcyclists hit the road for veteran awareness

Riders hit the road for 115 miles from Crow to Eugene. (SBG Photo)

EUGENE, Ore. -- More than 150 bikers rode 115 miles to Crow and back to Eugene int he name of veterans Saturday.

The ride took a brief pit-stop at the Eugene Mission, a place where homeless veterans try to get back on their feet.

After that, riders returned to the Harley Davidson shop in Eugene around noon for a closing ceremony.

Organizer Bob Chambers said it's important to help veterans who have fallen on hard times.

"That's what gives us our freedom; it's these guys," Chambers said. "Some gave some, some gave all so we can do this. So we can protest in Eugene about our values; we can't do this in communist countries. These vets did this for us."

Chambers said every penny went directly to supporting homeless veterans shelters in Eugene.

He said the event raised around a thousand dollars.

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