Looting is a problem for many McKenzie Valley evacuees

Residents scared to leave homes  on September 8th, 2017 at Blue River Road. in Vida, Ore. 

UPPER MCKENZIE VALLEY, Ore.- While many residents of the Mckenzie Bridge Area have been prepared to leave their homes, some are concerned about being possible victims of home burglary.

Community members have organized a meeting to address these security concerns.

“Fearful, and they don't want to leave in fear that everything is going to be gone when they come back,” said Laura Sireci-Roman, a resident near Blue River.

The Lane County Sheriff's office says they have not received any reports of theft or burglaries in the area while evacuation notices have been put on.

Some members of the community is still un-sure, just like Melanie Stanley, who owns the Meyers General Store.

“A lot of people are just really nervous, they want to be able to evacuate if they have too,” said Stanley.

Residents might not report crimes due to the fear of nothing being done.

“A lot of the times people won't even file a report because they don't feel that anything is going to be done about it,”

The Lane County Sheriff's office tells us they are patrolling the area. They have added a 24-hour sheriffs presence since Tuesday night.

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