Look no further for eternal peace: VW van to hold 100 urns

Musgrove's Mortuaries and Cemeteries unveiled a VW van to hold 100 urns.(KMTR/Audrey Weil)

EUGENE, Ore. (KMTR) - When the long, strange trip is over, Musgrove's Mortuaries and Cemeteries will help you continue down the road to eternal peace - in a 1972 VW fit to hold 100 urns.

It unveiled the VW bus columbarium at the Lane Memorial Gardens Wednesday.

"We see that more and more that people want personalized services so this is just the next step in personalizing their final memorial place," Mark Musgrove said.

The Musgroves admit it's out of the ordinary.

"The idea was crazy, but I just thought, well, I have to make this happen," mechanic Cody Rushing said.

It was no easy task, but he finally found a van in Washington.

"The front of this thing was completely smashed in," Rushing said. "Had to get all the emblems. The windshields were busted out. Had to tow it out of the brush."

So, he went to work.

"The idea was to make it come alive," he said.

It has solar-powered lights, a tattoo-inspired paint job, and the trunk was retrofitted to hold an urn and flowers for the funeral service.

"Kind of came up with this theme to give it a nice look when you have a service in the back and really brings the attention to the urn, the loved one," Rushing said.

Musgrove says, of course, funerals are a sad occasion, so why not liven things up?

"This kind of special memorial will make people think of the good times, the good memories and come back and put a smile on their face," he said - especially for a peace and love generation.

There are wooden shelves in the van for the urns.

Each urn placement costs $995.

The Musgroves say several people are already showing interest.

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