Lane County Waste Management makes sure hazardous materials stay out of landfill

Paints, cleaners, and lawn chemicals should not go in the trash. They're flamable and dangerous in landfills. (SBG photo)

LOWELL, Ore. – The Lane County Public Works Department is working to keep hazardous waste out of landfills. Their waste management division held a collection event at the Lowell fire station Saturday.

Many items found in the average person’s garage are hazardous. As the time for spring cleaning approaches, Lane County Waste Management wants the public to dispose of hazardous items property.

Paints, cleaners, and yard and garden chemicals could all cause fires and be harmful in landfills.

The waste management team often sets up pop-up collection sites at various fire stations.

Saturday, they were in Lowell for the first of three spring events. They hold two more collections in the fall.

People can drop off their materials. Workers say they usually get a lot of latex paint.

“The latex paint that we collect will end up going up to Portland Metro, and they have a latex recycling facility there. So that paint will actually be recycled and then will be sold to various retailers throughout the state. So, here in the Eugene/Springfield area, if you buy metro paint, you’re actually buying recycled paint that may have been collected here in Lane County,” said Chad Ficek, special waste analyst.

The pop-up collection events aren’t the only opportunity to get rid of hazardous materials. There’s a permanent facility in Glenwood that takes items year-round. They’re open Thursdays and Saturdays by appointment.

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