Lane County deputy files $1 million lawsuit against man convicted of shooting him

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EUGENE, Ore. -- A Lane County Sheriff's deputy filed a nearly $1 million lawsuit against the man convicted of shooting him.

The deputy's attorney, Jeffrey Boiler, says it's rare for a law enforcement officer to sue the shooter after sentencing, but in his 33 years as an attorney, he's represented clients in several cases like this.

Last August, a jury found Carlos Roa guilty of attempted murder after he shot Deputy Todd Olson with a rifle.

In September 2015, Roa led deputies on a 6-hour manhunt in Cottage Grove after injuring Olson.

The judge sentenced Roa to 35 years in prison.

Now, Deputy Olson is seeking $250,000 in economic damages against Roa, plus almost $750,000 for pain and suffering.

In a phone interview, attorney Boiler stated the following:

"This way he's making a statement about the injustice of it and hopefully letting the people of Lane County know, who are inclined to use violence against police officers, that there's civil sanctions as well as criminal sanctions for that kind of conduct."

The court document filed on the 7th describes Olson's injuries needing hospitalization and extra recovery time.

It states: “Olson was shot intentionally and his injuries are continuing and permanent.”

Boiler says Deputy Olson is back to work, but he suffers from mental and physical pain and anxiety now.

Boiler predicts the first court appearance for this case will be in about 45 days.

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