'He or she needs to be prepared to do that all over again': Officer shooting protocol

An Oregon State Police trooper was shot while investigating a possible stolen car Tuesday. The trooper is expected to survive. A person of interest is in custody. (SBG)

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - When an officer is involved in a shooting, many steps are taken to ensure the investigation is conducted thoroughly - and the officer is ready to continue his or her duties.

Springfield Police tell us that during, or right after the shooting incident takes place, other officers are there to support them.

Police say the officer will not make any initial statements other than identifying what the crime scene is in order collect evidence.

The Interagency Officer Involved Shooting Team will get involved to interview other witnesses.

Then, the officer will be put on Administrative Leave so they can continue to pay bills until the investigation is complete, and allow the officer time to de-stress from the shooting incident.

"Most of us will go throughout our careers and not be in one," said Sgt. Keith Seanor with the Springfield Police Department, Night-watch. "So, it's an event that we train for, but sometimes don't realize what we're getting into or how it's going to effect the individual officer until they're actually walking in those shoes."

Sgt. Seanor said the officer will not return to duty until the investigation is complete and he/she passes a fitness test.

He said that includes seeing the department psychologist to ensure the officer is ready to go through a shooting scenario again.

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