Guy Lee Elementary students host 'Socktober' to help local homeless

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- Elementary students at Guy Lee Elementary in Springfield are collecting 1,000 socks for the homeless as part of their 'Socktober' initiative

They plan on donating the socks to the homeless at the end of the month or until they reach 1,000 socks.

It's no hidden effort -- as soon as you walk through the doors at Guy Lee Elementary you see sock boxes and 'Kid President Robby Novak.

"I think it really is about empowering students and kids to feel like they can make a difference," says Guy Lee Principal Nicki Gotham.

According to Gorham, "kids can really relate to that and they're very sensitive and they care about people. So just knowing that people have warm socks on their feet is a powerful message for kids."

Inspired by YouTube star Kid President Robby Novak, the program teaches kids to give back and do "awesome" things.

"And we've also sent some of those boxes out into the community," adds Gorham, "and we've asked community partners to help us collect socks as well."

Guy Lee first grade teacher Melissa Ibarra says their school is setting an example for others, making it especially important for them to teach kids to give back, "but also teaching the kids in English and in Spanish what it means to be able to bring socks to help those in need,"

Six-year-old Carlos says it makes him feel good to give back. He says they want to collect a lot of socks, "as many as possible."

Principal Gorham says Socktober specifically addresses the need to help the homeless in the community.

"We have a very impacted community, and this, I hope, is going to make a difference for many people."

Keeping their "awesome" inspired efforts community driven and warming cold feet for the holiday season, students are going to have 'crazy sock day' Friday to celebrate Socktober.