Finn Rock natives take a walk down the McKenzie River and memory lane

The McKenzie River Trust organized a tour and reunion for Finn Rock Reach residents. The group took a walk down the McKenzie River together. (SBG photo)

VIDA, Ore. – Dozens of people visited Finn Rock Reach Saturday. For some, it was a walk down memory lane.

Old photographs reminded Finn Rock natives about times long gone by the McKenzie River, Saturday. Together, they shared childhood stories from the early 1900s.

Doyle Hawks said his childhood was spent in a logging camp in Vida where his father worked at Roseboro Lumber. The lumber company housed 25 families during the 1940s.

“So it was a well, little organized community,” he said.

Now Hawks is revisiting the place he once called home by walking on a trail that once was Main Street.

Decades later, there’s no trace of their homes. As the years went by, only one thing remained from their childhood – the water source.

But, what may be more important was the opportunity to reminisce.

The McKenzie River Trust organized the reunion.

A year and a half ago, the trust bought Finn Rock Reach to protect the area from further development.

“Having an opportunity to really share and honor the history of people to these places is just inspirational,” said Brandi Crawford Ferguson, donor relations manager for the McKenzie River Trust.

Crawford Ferguson hopes to share that inspiration with others.

“But now we are getting to share our lives and what it was like there,” Hawks said.

The McKenzie River Trust will have more public tours of the area in the future. Click here to find the events calendar.

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