Eugene Emeralds hurricane relief efforts hit one player close to home

The Eugene Emeralds practiced at PK Park on Tuesday ahead of their home opener on Thursday against the Vancouver Canadians. Photo by Matt Scotton

EUGENE, Ore. - The Eugene Emeralds will continue their season after clinching a playoff spot over the weekend with a win against the Keizer Volcanos.

Now they will host Game 1 of the NWL Division Series at PK Park on Tuesday vs. the Hillsboro Hops, giving the community a chance to donate to the Harvey relief efforts.

Recovery efforts continue in Houston after Hurricane Harvey unleashed devastating floods, and the Ems are stepping up to help out.

Half of the proceeds from ticket sales will go to the hurricane relief fund set up by Minor League Baseball charities.

But for Em's center fielder Zach Davis, this hits right at home.

"My house got flooded. I think they said there was 8 feet of water in the house," Davis said of the house where his mother and brother still lived. "When you're 2,000 miles away, you really just have a phone - so I would just wait up and call and see what she'd say."

Despite the tragedy back home, knowing that his family is safe and dry now gives him the ability to remain focused.

"I say there's a time to think on it and dwell on it, then there's also a time to just switch your mind and just think about baseball," said Davis. "This is my job and this is why I'm here."

Davis says he feels supported by his team and his coaching staff, and the support continues beyond him, to his hometown.

He says that he hopes to visit Houston soon, but before he can do that, there's some business he must take care of.

"I'm hoping to go back after we win a championship - after we win a ring here in Eugene."

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