Drink plenty of water: Officials remind public to stay hydrated during extreme heat

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EUGENE, Ore. -- This week the region will see record-breaking temperatures, some of the hottest in over 35 years.

Officials are warning the public about the dangers that come with extreme heat.

The Eugene-Springfield Fire Department is anticipating an increase in emergency calls this week due to the heat.

As temperatures rise this week, it's a good reminder to drink plenty of water.

If you are feeling thirsty, then your body might be dehydrated.

The elderly and small children are most at risk for dehydration. One way to check if your child is dehydrated is to look at the color of their urine.

“Make sure that your urine is clear; when your urine is clear, you are drinking enough water,” said Joanna Kamppi, EMS Chief for Eugene-Springfield Fire Department.

According to Kamppi, children and elderly are more prone to heat stress because of their sense.

“Their senses weren’t as good as they once were, and little children can’t communicate to their parents dehydration symptoms,” said Kamppi.

If you have an elderly neighbor or family member, be sure to check on them this week.

“Bring them a bottle of Gatorade or bring them a bottle of water; something cool, or something they might not have in their refrigerator,” said Kamppi.

If you are planning to cool down at a river, reservoir or lake, don't forget to wear a life jacket. Emergency situations can happen in just a few inches of water, and in a matter of seconds.

"You should have a life jacket on even if you are just up to your knees, because things can change in a moment; a bank can give way and anobstacle can come your way and hit you... a lot of different can just slip,” said Markus Ly, Battalion Chief of Fire Operations.

Swimmers aren't the only ones who need to keep safety in mind; first responders are also exposed to dangerous situations.

"We also want to keep our responders safe," said Ly, "the less events we have to go out to and help you, the safer everybody stays.”

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