Dozens of dogs participate in 'Easter egg' hunt at Oregon Dog Sports

Dog prepares to inhale treats at egg hunt (SBG Photo)

EUGENE, Ore. - According to a Eugene dog training group, Easter egg hunting isn't just for people.

Organizers said more than 50 dogs arrived at Oregon Dog Sports on Easter for the first annual "Doggy Treat Hunt."

Pet owners were able to have some one-on-one time with their dogs as they hunted for "eggs."

The "eggs" were replaced with something a little more pet friendly -treats. Canines had five minutes to eat as many treats as they could.

"People are just having a great time," event organizer Crystal Beck said. "The dogs go in and they get so excited. We've had a couple of dogs get so excited they don't even look at the treats, they're just running around the room jumping on things and saying 'hi' to people."

If you missed it this year, Beck said they will have a similar event around Halloween.

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