First annual Tattoo for a Cause welcomes hundreds in Springfield

McKayla Figueroa getting a tattoo for a cause. (SBG Photo)

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Tattoos for a Cause brought in big numbers as people braved the needle and paid just $20 for a tattoo.

Anchored Ink Tattoos store owners said 100 percent of the proceeds of Saturday’s event go to Bags of Love. It’s an organization that's focused on giving up supplies to children in need.

The people in Springfield took notice; they came out to get some ink and give back.

"Getting a matching tattoo with your best friend of ten years is perfect," Tasha Briquet said. "I'll wait three hours for that."

Briquet along with her best friend, McKayla Figueroa were among the hundreds ready to get a tattoo for a cause.

A landmark event for the tattoo shop and these two best friends.

"I figured it's okay for us to get tattoos ‘cause we aren't breaking up anytime soon," Figueroa said.

"Nope, this is lifetime," Briquet added.

In just 15 minutes, they received their first tattoos that they'll have for a lifetime.

But they said it's not all about the ink. Doing it for a good cause makes it all the more meaningful.

"Bags of Love provides support to kids who are in crisis and are in areas dealing with abuse, neglect, poverty and homelessness,” Bags of Love executive director, Becky Stenzel said.

Stenzel said she was a little surprised when a couple of inked up guys, the owners of Anchored Ink Tattoos offered their help.

"It’s been tremendous," Stenzel said.

"You can never judge a book by its cover," event organizer, Patrick Olsen added.

Bags of Love helps hundreds of Lane County kids in need.

And like a tattoo, Anchored Ink Tattoos co-owner Josh South said the memory of receiving a bag of love stays with you for a lifetime.

"You need those items at the moment," South said. "But what I have been hearing is that memory of that stays with your soul forever."

Not only will the fundraiser help kids in need outside the

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