Converted girls soccer star makes varsity football team

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EL PASO, Texas (CBS4) -- Love' Tovar is no stranger to a highlight reel. The Del Valle girls soccer stud's goals have gone viral on multiple occasions but now the junior is making headlines for kicking a different ball - a football.

#10 noticeably stood out on picture day after earning placekicking responsibilities for the Conquistadores varsity football team.

"It started as a joke but she kind of called me on it," head football coach Jesse Perales recapped. "She's got a strong leg; she's good."

"It only took me a day to get the hang of," Tovar told CBS4's Eric O'Brien. "I was really excited to watch the games on Friday nights but now I'm in the games. It's amazing, I'm excited to make a lot of field goals and win some games for my team."

Tovar will have to adjust quickly, she won't be immune to full contact from 16-18 year old guys so hitting her at practice will be an immediate focus:

Tovar says she will change in the girls soccer locker room but is ready to 'be one of the guys' when it comes to team bonding/pranks.

"I just need to keep my eyes straight ahead, probably," she joked when asked about the things that go on in any guy's locker room.

Del Valle starts the season at Mayfield (Las Cruces) on August 31.

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