Work Watch Wednesday: Lanz Cabinets


Lanz Cabinets has entry level to supervisor positions available.

Back-Up Supervisor (13.00-16.00per hour), CNC Saw operators(15.00-20.00 per hour), Edge Band Operators 14.00-18.00), Paint Booth Sprayer (13.00-17.00 per hour), and the list goes on.

The qualifications vary of course it is all production so any work in a production facility helps for the saw positions. Lanz provides the training.

Lanz needs at least 2 design/project managers (these positions pay really depends on education and experience so 14.00-25.00 per hour). They are looking for someone with design skills anything from a 2 year degree to a 4 year degree. However, experience does count so if someone has project manager skills or design skills, Lanz will look at them even without a degree.

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