'Baller' the missing dog reunited with owner after 16 months

Multnomah County Animal Services captured the moment when Baller the dog was reunited with his owner Arturo. Screenshot from Multnomah County Animal Services video

"Baller" the dog went missing 16 months ago. On Wednesday, he was reunited with his family.

"The minute I saw him my heart dropped," said Arturo Rodriguez. "I was like God, I can't believe we found you, I can't believe you're back, and I just broke down."

The Multnomah County Animal Services posted a video on Facebook showing the happy reunion between Baller and his owner.

According to a Facebook message from Desiree Rodriguez, another one of Baller’s owners, the dog chewed through his leash and ran away in March 2016.

"We were praying he was still alive," said Desiree.

The couple says they did everything -- put up posters, talked to neighbors and posted on websites and groups, but had no luck.

He almost gave up hope when his family moved about 60 miles away from where the dog escaped.

The animal shelter said Baller the pit bull was reunited with his owner thanks to pet licensing and microchipping.

The Rodriguez family is so glad to have Baller home.

"He wasn't just a dog, he wasn't just an animal, he's a family member," said Desiree.