Fourth of July 'the busiest holiday' for animal shelters

Greenhill Humane Society is working to reunite dogs with their owners. Photo by Ellen Meny.

EUGENE, Ore. - The Greenhill Humane Society says they have dozens of new lost dogs and cats at their First Avenue Shelter after the July 4th holiday weekend.

Sasha Elliott, Community Engagement Manager with Greenhill, says employees are working to reunite lost pets at their shelter with their owners.

They're also coordinating with people who have found lost animals, and people wishing to fill out lost pet reports.

Elliott says many pets, especially dogs, can get spooked by fireworks. They escape their house or yard and run off.

"The Fourth of July holiday is traditionally one of the busiest holidays that we experience here in the animal shelter world," Elliott said.

Their First Avenue Shelter is reaching full capacity, but Elliott says they are working to make room for every pet who comes their way.

If you have lost a pet, or found a lost pet, Elliott says to contact Greenhill by phone, at 541-844-1777, or on their website.

She also suggested checking social media pages, like Facebook or Craigslist, in case anyone has found your pet and hasn't taken them to a shelter yet.

Elliott mentioned there are ways to prevent a pet from running away due to a fear of fireworks.

NBC 16 and Greenhill worked together to bring people information and tips last week on that topic.