Dog suffers extensive damage to his jaw and body after attack by 3 other dogs

A Salem woman says she and her dog were attacked by three other dogs last weekend.

Jeannie Watkins was walking her dog, Peter Parker, last Saturday on a path they've taken hundreds of times. They were almost home when she saw three dogs standing in the road.

"I saw him, we made eye contact and I felt in my gut that this isn't going to be good," Watkins said.

Within an instant, Watkins said the three dogs were on top of Parker.

"I was on the ground, on my knees, Parker was on the ground in front of me. I was punching them with all that I had, but it didn't seem to have much of an effect," she said. "I was worried that I wouldn't see him again... and then I saw him again and he was a mess."

Parker was bitten numerous times, and his jaw and face are extensively injured. Watkins was also bitten in the fight, and had to get stitches on her left hand.

"I know I did what I needed to do that day to get him free," she said.

The three dogs who attacked Watkins and her dog are in mandatory quarantine for 10 days. After that, officials could cite the owners.

A GoFundMe page has been created to help Wakins pay for Parker's care.