'Do whatever you need to do to keep that pet calm and safe': July 4 & Your Furry Friends

Tank, an adoptable dog at Greenhill Humane Society. Dogs and cats both can easily be spooked by fireworks. Photo by Ellen Meny.

EUGENE, Ore. - The Fourth of July is on the way, and along with it: fireworks.

While fireworks mean summer fun for some people, for pet owners, it means keeping pets safe and calm.

Fireworks often stress and scare pets, especially dogs and cats.

They hide, they cry, and sometimes they run away. It can be stressful to both the owner and the pet- but there are ways to make life easier and safer.

NBC 16 spoke with Cary Lieberman, the Executive Director of Greenhill Humane Society, to find out more about keeping pets safe and happy on Independence Day.

Lieberman says the most important thing to do is make sure your pet has a collar and identification tag. That way, if a pet runs away, someone can identify them and bring them home.

Lieberman also suggests keeping your pets inside when fireworks go off. Pets left outside has been known to dig under fences, break through gates or even jump through windows to get away.

"But really do whatever you need to do to keep that pet calm and safe," Lieberman said. "Even if it means locking the animal in a room that doesn't have windows."

Lieberman mentioned some other tips to keep pets safe:

  • Don't bring your pet to fireworks displays, and don't keep them outside on the night of July 4th.
  • Play soft music or white noise while your pet is inside. Your presence next to them can also be helpful.
  • If your pet gets so scared, its fear is hard to manage, you can also make an appointment with your vet to discuss medications for extremely stressed pets.

If your pet runs away, start looking for them immediately. But if you aren't able to find them, or you find another lost pet, you should call your local animal control office.

Local Animal Control Offices:

Cottage Grove - Humane Society of Cottage Grove: (541-942-3130)

Eugene - Eugene Animal Services: (541-687-4060)

Unincorporated Lane County - Lane County Animal Services: (541-682-3645)

Springfield - Springfield Animal Control/Police Dept.: 344 A Street (541-726-3634)

Veneta - Veneta Animal Control/City Hall: 88184 8th street (541-935-2191)