Basketball: Oregon women 6-0 after win over San Jose State

Oregon WBB vs San Jose State November 30 2015 (15).jpg

EUGENE, Ore. - The Ducks extended their string of victories to 6-0 by defeating San Jose State 104-74 in Matthew Knight Arena Monday evening.

Jillian Alleyne broke her personal record of 21 consecutive games with a double-double by scoring 26 points and bringing down 20 rebounds.

Lexi Petersen scored 12 points and Liz Brenner added 11.

But the player of the game was Lexi Bando, who scored 35 points, completing six of seven three-pointer attempts.

The Ducks simply outshot San Jose State, completing 61.4 percent of their fieldgoals to San Jose's 37.7 percent and 43.8 percent of their three-pointers compared to San Jose's 26.9 percent.

Head Coach Kelly Graves was pleased.

"I thought that was a really good game tonight," he said Monday after the game. "I was proud of our effort. I was impressed with the way we played against a team with a difficult style that you just don't see very often. 6 and 0, that sounds pretty good."

Brenner finished the game with 11 points and five rebounds. When asked about how much Brenner helps the team, Bando said, "Liz. How many sports does she play here? Liz is such a beast. She is not afraid to go up with it. She's an amazing passer. It's so much fun to play with her because she is so aggressive. She plays with so much poise and confidence."

Alleyne also had high praise for her teammate.

"I think Liz Brenner is on a level of her own," Alleyne said. "She's competed at the highest level of every sport. We want to follow her as a team that wants to get where she's been in sports."

"I think Liz is getting better and better," said Graves. "I've been so impressed with her. What she does, is she is not going to give you a ton of low post looks, she's just going to go through you. And that's good. I think we can learn from that. I think Jill can learn from that, sometimes she is turning and trying to do two or three different things when Liz is just, 'Hey, I'm bigger and stronger than you I'm just going to go up.' She does a great job of creating space. She's really smart. She is a smart basketball player."

Graves saved his highest praise for Bando.

"Lexi was incredible tonight," Graves said. "I've coached some really good shooters over the years," Coach Graves said. "I think [Lexi Bando] is the best shooter I've ever coached. Just pure shooter. I have drills that I keep stats on for years, and even statistically in practice she is the best shooter I've ever coached."

Next up for the Women Ducks is Utah Valley at Matthew Knight Arena on Saturday, December 5, tipoff at 2 pm.